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At Domestic & General Heating we try our best and hope you never need to complain to us. However, in the unlikely circumstances that you do, we ensure that any complaints we receive are dealt with in a structured manner by being recorded, acknowledged, and resolved appropriately.

1. Scope

Customers can complain about all areas of our operations, We consider a complaint is a next step to improve our services for better customer experience.

2. Where To Send Complaints

Customers can forward their complaints in writing to complaints@gasheatinginstallers.co.uk.
If it’s urgent they can call the company directly on toll-free no 0300 303 0902.

3. Complaints Handling Procedure

3.1: Any complaints in relation to any aspect of our work especially, where compliance with Gas-Saftey and building regulations are intended to be, must be informed to the Company without delay.

3.2: Complaints received from our customers may be verbal or written. The Company will in the first instance ascertain the procedure to be adopted in the case of a particular complaint.

3.3: When a complaint is received the customer will be informed as to the next course of action or when they will be contacted to discuss the matter further, generally the first contact with the customer is made within 48 business hours of receipt of their complaint.

3.4: The relevant complaint is passed to the Quality Representative (supervisor) of the concerned department.

3.5: The Quality representative or the person specifically instructed by the Quality Representative to resolve the issue contacts the complainant (customer) within 1 working day from the first contact made with the complainant and advises on steps being taken to address the issue unless otherwise agreed.

3.6: The Quality representative or the person specifically instructed by the Quality Representative to resolve the issue will fully investigate the complaint and decide on the next course of action and record all the relevant information, keeping the customer informed of progress at all times.

3.7: The Quality representative or the person instructed by the Quality Representative should rectify the issue within the time period agreed with the complainant (customer) or in exceptional circumstances the complainant (customer) should be contacted and a new timescale agreed.

3.8: Once the issue is rectified/resolved the Quality representative should obtain written confirmation from the complainant (customer) by email, that the complaint has been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant (customer) before closing the complaint. 

3.9: Any actions taken to prevent recurrence of the issue, any relevant information, or evidence ( in form of pictures, comments, or otherwise ) should be recorded and stored in the quality management system for the installation concerned.

3.10: Once the issue is rectified, the details are recorded and stored in our system for a minimum of 6 years.