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Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic & General Heating are your local engineers and offer fixed price boiler replacements to Uk residents. We’ve partnered with the best available brands of the heating industry, providing market-leading products to customers and that too at super competitive rates. We pass huge savings on to our customers by simplifying the boiler buying process with transparent prices.  

Domestic & General Heating offers easy to use online survey tool to buy a new boiler for your home, book an installation date and get a new boiler installed by their employed engineer. You pay in full on completion and all that without the hassle of sending a salesperson out to bother you at home who tries to sell you more than needed.

We ask you to answer a few super-simple questions using our online survey tool. It’s simple and even easier to do on your iOS or Android phone and tablet. 

We put you in control to compare brands and prices to choose from, If you’re still unsure about anything you can always pick up the phone and give us a call on 0300 303 0902. We’d be more than happy to help.

You Answer
First, answer some simple questions about your home and existing heating system such as, what kind of property you live in, number of bedrooms, current boiler type, where you want to install, no of showers & a few more…
You Choose
We’ll show you a range of recommended boilers perfectly suited to your heating and hot water needs and let you choose by comparing brands and prices that suit your budget.

You Pick
Once you’ve made a choice, select an installation date that suits you best using our online installations calendar. You can even order a next-day installation before 4 pm (subject to availability).

If you can’t find a suitable day on the calendar call our office on 0300 303 0902 to check if we can arrange it for you.

You Check Out
You’ll fill the online check-out form with the correct contact details and installation address, select how you will pay on completion.

After submission, you’ll receive an order confirmation via email. Don’t have an email? call our office on 0300 303 0902 and we’ll confirm your order.
We Box Off
We’ll box of your installation and you’ll receive a call before the installation day for a quick check on what you’ve ordered ensuring nothing is missed and confirm the details of our engineer coming to fit your new boiler.
For your peace of mind, we don’t use sub-contractors they are our own fitters.
We Install
Our engineers arrive with all ordered materials to get it all set up, so there is no time wasted waiting for unnecessary deliveries.
Our Chap’s are friendly, familiar, right on time, and will walk you through what the job involves and how they’ll go about it. So you can relax and leave it to them.
Once the job is done and dusted, they’ll take away your old boiler, any hot water cylinder and tanks (subjected to job type) and remove installation waste & debris as well.
You Pay
Once your new boiler is installed based on your requirements & our expertise and is tested to current standards, you’ll pay us in full. We accept standard credit/debit cards or bank transfers (BACS) or cash.
Already signed up for finance before checking out, just sign a Satisfaction Note. No payments are required on job completion.
Yes. Domestic & General Heating holds Full Gas-Safe registration and all the engineers working for Company are registered under the Company’s Gas-Safe registration no 226879. 
No. We use our employed Gas-Safe engineers to carry out a boiler installation in your home. All of our installers are professional, experienced central heating engineers with Gas Safe certification and go through a tough procedure to become a Domestic & General Heating installer to ensure only the highest quality workmanship and professionalism is delivered at all times.
Domestic & General Heating understands your responsibilities and obligations as a Landlord, to provide good heating hot water and regular annual Gas-Safety Checks. At Domestic & General Heating you get all this under one roof. 
All you need to do is answer some questions about the property you want the installation in, and then give us the installation address, with your contact details during the checkout. If you’d like to buy for more than one property, you will need to go through the checkout process separately for each property. 
Not sure or can’t get into the property? Even your tenants can do it with us at their convenience. They can take some simple pictures of old boiler & flue and send them to us at
Not sure how and which pictures to click just book our engineers to assist you live over the phone. To find out how they do it or how you can book click here or visit
No. As compared to the traditional way where you had to wait around days for a salespersons visit and get their bloated quote, and then further wait to get your boiler fitted. Instead of all that hassle you just need to answer super-simple questions about your home and existing boiler and all the way along you’ll get the relevant help and information that is needed to survey your own home and existing heating system.
If you are unsure or unable to answer correctly, just call us on 0300 303 0902 to discuss your installation or email us some super simple photographs of your existing boiler along with your name, postcode, and phone number at 
For even a quicker response use our What’s App number 07889293101 to send the photographs of your existing boiler along with your name and postcode.
You can also book our engineer’s live assistance at your convenience. To find out how they do it and how you can book click here or visit
We don’t use salespeople they are just highly experienced professional engineers with validated skills helping you with all the relevant information to make an informed decision about your new installation.
A boiler replacement can be an investment for any homeowner or landlord. If you are finding your boiler regularly breaks down, you should seriously consider a boiler replacement. Use our online survey tool to find the best boiler based on your specific home requirements and that too at a fixed and fair price. 
We always recommend a boiler replacement is more cost-effective rather than repairing an old boiler as you get a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on parts and labour. Investing in a new boiler also helps you to cut the future costs of repairing the boiler, if it breaks, the manufacturer will repair it with no extra cost. 
When a boiler breaks down the first time it doesn’t mean it’s the last time, A repair can sometimes be as expensive as a brand new boiler and you still could easily have more problems with a repaired boiler further down the line because the parts inside the boiler have served their life, and replacing one odd part is not going to help for a longer period of time.
This also means the investment you made to repair an old boiler would add to the cost when you buy a new boiler because the part replaced remains inside the old boiler when it is being disposed of and you can’t recover the money you spent.
It’s even riskier if the old boiler model is obsolete you can’t guarantee if the parts being replaced are brand new ones.

Domestic & General Heating offers the most reputed and best boiler brands in the heating industry and we’d request looking through our range. Although the best combi boilers for consistent quality include Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, ideal, and Vaillant, it’s also worth checking the energy efficiency rating to ensure your chosen product not only helps you to save money in the long run but is also good for the environment.

An A-rated boiler’s working durability & performance depends on the customer’s and engineer’s feedback, from the past many years Worcester Bosch consistently has succeeded in satisfying them both. As they have built up a solid reputation for delivering energy-efficient and reliable boilers to homes that’s why they’ve become the first choice of every 9 out of 10 engineers.

While searching for a new boiler if you aren’t quite sure where to begin, Worcester Bosch boilers are a good place to start.

Our online survey tool is designed and developed to recommend the right products which are best suitable for your home depending on the information you select during the online survey process. Additionally, all orders will be looked over by our in-house heating experts.

New boiler’s costs vary depending on the current heating system and heating hot water requirements. At Domestic & General Heating we keep our prices fixed and as low as possible. In a 3 bedroom house to replace old combi boiler with a brand new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25 Kw and a standard horizontal flue along with a new heating thermostat, magnetic filter, old system flush, inhabitation (inhibitor) gas-safe certification, and 10-year manufacturers warranty, the average cost starts £1925 fully fitted (on the same location) 
See how much better off you’ll be by getting a quote from us, use our online survey tool to compare prices here
Yes. The price you see is the price you pay as long as the information you provide us with is correct. This includes everything you need for your new boiler to be up and running and there are no hidden costs or extras. 
If you’re unsure of any information you provide us with, we request you to take our help by ringing us on 0300 303 0902

Yes, you can choose to pay using 2 different cards. We accept all standard credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or cash. You can either pay a deposit and balance on completion or pay in full on completion (you’ll need to exchange a couple of emails with us to confirm). 

Alternatively, if you choose the finance option you can put up to a 50% deposit on a card and pay off the rest over 5 or 10-year term at an APR of 9.9%. 

Domestic & General Heating can usually install your boiler within 24-48hrs. All you need to do is complete the online survey and select the product and we’ll show the installation dates available for your area. If you can’t find a suitable date online just call our office on 0300 303 0902 to check if we can arrange it.

Yes. Orders can be cancelled anytime prior to installation and get a full refund of any monies paid or finance application cancellation (whichever is applicable), as long as you inform us 3 working days before installation date.
For cancellations just ring us on 0300 303 0902 or email at

We always recommend a boiler replacement is more cost-effective rather than repairing an old boiler as you get a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on parts and labour. Investing in a new boiler also helps you to cut the future costs of repairing the boiler, if it breaks, the manufacturer will repair it with no extra cost. 
When a boiler breaks down the first time it doesn’t mean it’s the last time, A repair can sometimes be as expensive as a brand new boiler and you still could easily have more problems with a repaired boiler further down the line because the parts inside the boiler have served their life, and replacing one odd part is not going to help for a longer period of time.
This also means the investment you made to repair an old boiler would add to the cost when you buy a new boiler because the part replaced remains inside the old boiler when it is being disposed of and you can’t recover the money you spent.
We don’t use sub-contractors one of our employed Gas-safe engineers will fit your new boiler. All our engineers are vaccinated but for your safety, they’ll wear PPE kits, maintain a distance while having any conversations, and disinfect any area they use before leaving. They are all DBS Checked so be assured you are in safe hands.

No. Our professionals follow strict instructions and make sure that surfaces and the areas they use during the installation are well protected with dust sheets and is left clean and tidy before they leave.

Before your engineer arrives all you need to do is provide him clear access to your boiler or any cylinder cupboard (if applicable). We also recommend you remove any personal belongings or foodstuff from the area around the installation location. 

Your Engineer will arrive bright and early between 7:30 to 9:30 am.

The majority of like for like swaps are completed within 5-6 hours. If you are planning to relocate your boiler, convert from a regular boiler or a system boiler to a combi boiler and even install upto 10 radiators with a new boiler our experienced champs won’t take more than a day. Very unlikely if a complex situation arises they may take a few hours of the following day.

During the Installation

Yes. As a part of the job, our engineer will carry out a full system flush using specially formulated chemicals that work to remove any debris, rust, and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system and maximize its efficiency. 

Once a flush is complete and your new boiler is installed and refilled with fresh water, the engineer will add a system protector (inhibitor) to protect the system both against system corrosion and limescale deposition.

Yes. Your engineer will always take away the old boiler and hot water cylinder. The header tanks will also be removed from the loft. If it is an uncuttable or asbestos tank then it will simply be drained down and moved to one side.

The hot water cylinder and any header tanks are only removed and disposed of if you choose to convert from a system or a regular boiler to a combi boiler.

Yes, in most cases where it is accessible, but it will leave a big hole from where the gas fire along with the boiler is being removed. Engineers can only block it with a plyboard if you have requested us to do so during the ordering process before installation. Bricking up the hole is your responsibility.

If you don’t want us to remove the fire then the back boiler unit will be decommissioned and capped off but left where it is. If possible we’ll try to keep your fire working. (subjected to safety standards)

The engineer will use sand/cement to seal boiler flue holes or any holes made to carry out pipework through the walls. Remove & take away all rubbish/installation waste and will tidy upon completion. 

The Engineer will explain how to use your new boiler and heating controls. Handover the boiler book, commissioning documents signed by him and you (footprints of your installation), and a Gas-Safe Certification signed by him.

After The Installation

No. Domestic & General Heating will register and activate your boiler warranty with the manufacturer. You’ll get the certificate via email typically within 6 weeks of the installation.

Your manufacturer’s warranty covers all the components inside the boiler. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and fully inclusive of all parts and labour to repair the boiler in the event of a breakdown.

All you need to do is make sure you have your boiler serviced every year by a Gas-Safe registered engineer and get your boiler service book signed by him.

Every year you will receive a reminder call or email from our office to remind you 1 month or 15 days prior to the service due date. If you’d like us to service your boiler our services team will arrange it for you.

If your boiler breaks down Don’t panic, you can contact us on 0300 303 0902 or email us at We will book your manufacturer call out on your behalf. When you ask us to book it, you need to be near the phone number you have provided us with so you can receive the manufacturer’s call to book an appointment with you. 

Alternatively, you can call your manufacturer directly on the customer services number written at the back of your boiler book.

Yes. Our workmanship warranty is valid until 12 months after the new boiler is installed. It covers the installation carried by our engineer. Any installation faults will be rectified free of charge during this period. The warranty on product is covered by the manufacturer. 

Even if the workmanship warranty is over it’s not the end of our relation, you can always call us for any help or guidance regarding your product & our tech experts will go an extra mile to resolve your problem over the phone.

After our workmanship warranty is over, call-out charges are applied for site visits unless the installation is not carried out according to current regulations and our engineer is at fault.

Understanding Boilers

A combi or combination boilers are the most popular type of boilers across the Uk. A combi boiler is a single unit that heats up both central heating and hot water instantly and on-demand.  

They are efficient, cost less in heating bills, and space-saving compact units. They only heat water when you need it, rather than storing hot water as they don’t use external hot water storage cylinders.

Hot water is delivered at the mains pressure which could get you a powerful flow at the shower without a separate shower pump.
Combi boilers contain an expansion tank so water is heated within the boiler before being sent to radiators.  
System boilers are known for their high quality and reliability and are designed to meet the highest demands of heating and hot water for bigger houses with multiple bathrooms and separate showers. 
These ultra-efficient boilers heat up your radiators directly as they contain an expansion tank like a combi boiler but they store hot water in a pressurized storage cylinder providing faster flow to multiple taps & showers at the same time. 
They can work along with both vented or unvented hot-water storage cylinders which are generally found in garages, lofts, airing cupboards, or Utility rooms.
They are a space-saving alternative to conventional boilers and installation is less disruptive and neater without any tanks in the loft.

These boilers are also known as Traditional, Heat only, Regular, Standard, or Conventional boilers and are most commonly found in old-built properties or properties with low mains water pressure.

They store hot water in the storage cylinder fed by a big cold water tank usually in the loft and heat up the radiators using a feed and expansion cistern ( small tank) usually in the loft too. They don’t have a built-in expansion tank like a system or combi boiler.

They are also suitable if two or more bathrooms in your home are likely to be in use at the same time but the flow of hot water depends on a gravity-fed hot water storage cylinder resulting in low flow at hot water taps and showers as compared to a combi or system boiler.

These boilers can also work along with vented or unvented hot water storage cylinders.

In Older homes back boilers are found fitted behind gas or electric fireplaces, enabling them to provide heat to the house for central heating, and are connected to hot water storage cylinders usually found in airing cupboards. Likewise, in a conventional or traditional boiler the hot water storage cylinder is fed by a big cold water tank usually found in the loft or above the storage cylinder.
They’re inefficient and are now obsolete, meaning a broken one can’t be repaired and will no longer be replaced in like for like swaps. You need to upgrade your heating system. 

Yes. Both regular and system boilers can work along with vented or unvented cylinders but in some cases may need a small change to the heating or hot water controls ( motorized valves/zone valves) which you can discuss by ringing us on 0300 303 0902

ErP label is short for Energy related products. This label tells you how efficiently a boiler uses energy, how loud the appliance is in decibels and how much heat it outputs in kilowatts. ErP label is designed to help you make an informed decision to choose the right appliance to support your home heating and hot water. The ErP label runs from A+++ to G.  A++ is the most efficient boiler you can get.
All the Boilers we sell are rated A for efficiency.

About Boiler Accessories

A flue is a duct or a pipe, like a chimney it expels waste gases from the boiler to outside your home so the waste gases and condensation are not being leaked into your home whilst the boiler is running. 
It will be the largest pipe leading from your boiler (usually on the top) to the outside of your house most commonly the wall nearest to your boiler or through the room ceiling where your boiler is.
You can see your flue exit on the wall or roof of your home. Flues can either be round or square in shape. They are of two types Horizontal flues and Vertical flues.
A flu guard or a flue cage looks like a piece of wire mesh covering the outside end of the flue. A flue guard is installed with horizontal flues only.
If the flue is less than two meters off the ground, it’ll be covered by a guard. When you buy a boiler from us we’ll also supply and fit a brand new flue for you, along with this safety attachment if needed
A plume management kit is a simple device that is attached to your boiler flue kit, making it easier to control the direction of the waste gases (plume) after they have been removed from the property via the flue. This keeps you and your family safe.
The kit is designed to adapt the location of boiler flue outlets that no longer meet current regulations, for instance, ones that are too close to window openings, vents or neighbours’ properties or any fixed structure very close to your boiler flue. 
 It comes with the option of 45° and 90° bend accessories to route the terminal around obstructions.
A magnetic filter is installed on the heating pipes of the boiler. It is to keep your boiler and heating system free of sludge rust and debris. These substances can prevent your boiler from functioning and can eventually cause it to break down.
We provide and install filters with most of our boilers.

Magnetic scale reducers prevent the build-up of scale using magnetic principles, acting as a water conditioner. Provides protection to boilers against scale. No need for an earth bond strap.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves are more commonly known as TRVs and their main function is to control the air temperature of a room by adjusting the flow of hot water that enters the radiator they are attached to.
A TRV will allow you to have a little more control over the temperature in each room of your home.
If you set up a thermostatic radiator valve in the correct way, it will allow you to create different heating zones throughout your home, despite only having one centralized boiler system providing your main source of heat.
In short, TRVs are a cost-effective and affordable way of controlling the heat output of a radiator and the temperature of a room.
Each standard valve costs £25 supplied and fitted. You can ask us to include as many you want during the ordering process or ask our engineer when he comes to fit your new boiler as they carry some in their vans.
The main difference between a vented and unvented water storage cylinder is that an unvented hot water cylinder takes its water supply directly from the mains. You can get hot water out of an unvented cylinder at a much better pressure than a traditional vented cylinder as it is pressurized.
Whereas Vented cylinders (also called open-vented cylinders) are supplied by a large tank of cold water which is kept in the loft. The natural pull of gravity carries this water via a vent pipe down to the hot water cylinder which heats the water. This means that the cold water tank should be placed in the loft and that why it’s called a gravity-fed system. 
A motorized valve is a central heating system component and is often called an ON-Off valve that controls whether hot water from the boiler is used to heat the radiators or the water stored in the hot water cylinder for the taps. It is usually found adjacent to the hot water cylinder, or on the heating pipes near the boiler.
Usually, they are square in shape and can be of metal or plastic connected with a black wire at one end.
If the motorize valve fails or is faulty, then the boiler will either keep on heating the cylinder and radiators and you will not be able to control it, or the boiler will not fire up at all.

We stock and source our products from the manufacturers that’s why Domestic & General Heating is able to offer you quick and unbeatable prices for central heating installations.
Yes, All you need to do is call us to discuss the additional price, and our team can add it to your online fixed price of the boiler model you are interested in, and guide you on how you can apply for finance.
You can spread the cost of the boiler with radiators or the cost to supply and fit radiators over 3 – 5 -7 or 10 years with any amount of deposit from 0-50%. All finance options have an APR of 9.9% (subject to status)
We can supply and fit all types of standard radiators, designer radiators, towel rails, etc you are interested in. There are no restrictions all you need to do is discuss your requirement during the ordering process.
Alternatively for any advice or guidance please ring us on 0300 303 0902 and we’ll happy to help.

In most cases yes, depending on the type of radiator you’re interested in, for example sourcing a designer radiator might take a day or two. You can discuss it with us during the ordering process.

In case you are out of heating and hot water we can offer to replace the odd radiator another day after your boiler installation if it suits you.

You get a brand new radiator with a new Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) and Lockshield valve.
Our fixed price includes labour (fitting the radiator), material ( the radiators), and VAT charges.

We can easily provide you a fixed cost over the phone but if it is complexed we do offer a tech visit, To see how we do it please visit

Alternatively for any advice or guidance please ring us on 0300 303 0902 and we’ll happy to help.

Yes, should you require a radiator to be installed in a new location, rather than replacing it, we can arrange it for you. To discuss and arrange it please call us on 0300 303 0902 or alternatively to see how we do it please visit

That’s fine we can fit a larger radiator but please bear in mind it will be in the same location and may involve the need to lift the floorboards or coverings like laminate floor or carpet to adjust the radiator pipe connections.
If you have laminate or hardwood floors then please consider this when selecting a radiator size as laminate or wood flooring often can’t be put back down exactly the same.
Alternatively, the adjustments will be showing under the radiator mounted alongside the skirting board or wall as the engineer will have to use extra piping to extend from the existing valve location to meet the radiator. 
To discuss further call our experts on 0300 303 0902.

That’s fine, if you select a smaller radiator our engineer will still be able to fit this by using adjustment fittings. This means that the engineer will have to use extra piping from the existing valve to meet the radiator and you’ll see a bend where this joins the radiator.

Don’t worry, you can discuss it with our experts during the ordering process and they can offer one with the nearest height and width to the one you currently have, to minimize disruption if there is a space problem then its better to go for a slightly smaller size than your existing radiator.

If you are looking to replace the same size radiator with the one you currently have, you can provide us with the measurements (height and width) of that radiator.

Alternatively, you can send us some pictures by email at or send them on our What’s App number 07889293101 with your name, postcode, and phone number.

You can find it by calling our experts for advice on 0300 303 0902 or by emailing us at with your contact details and our tech team will be in touch asap.

It depends on how many radiators you have or plan to have in the future. The higher heat output (measured in KW) means that the boiler will have the capacity to allow you to add more radiators and they are heated at maximum output. Our technical team will be more than happy to advise you on live chat or you can call us on 0300 303 0902.

Fitting radiators with the same width shouldn’t be a problem, however, we may need to slightly alter the pipework between the floor and the radiator but all this is included within your fixed price.
Yes, we can but there are additional charges. To discuss and arrange this please call us on 0300 303 0902.
Yes, we can, there will be some additional charges depending on the number and the type of radiators and where you want us to fit them. Please call us to discuss and arrange this on 0300 303 0902 or email us at with your name, phone number, postcode, and a brief description of your requirements and our experts will get in touch asap.
Yes, either you want us to supply and fit a boiler with radiators or only the radiators in both of the scenarios a system flush will be carried out by our engineer. 

Once a flush is complete and your new boiler/radiators are installed and refilled with fresh water, the engineer will add a system protector (inhibitor) to protect the system both against system corrosion and limescale deposition.

No, As a part of our fixed price we provide a new TRV and lockshield valve with each radiator that is supplied and fitted by us.

No, this does not affect your boiler warranty, it will be still valid.
No, It’s very unlikely anything of this sort will happen as the system is drained properly before replacement takes place and our engineers take all the necessary steps and care to stop any sludge going on carpets or flooring. 
Generally, to install a set of 10 radiators along with your new boiler our professional champs take only one day, any complex installation may take the following day.

Hope you have found what you were looking for

If not, please call us on 0300 303 0902.

Hope you have found what you were looking for

If not, please call us 0300 303 0902

Hope you have found what you were looking for

If not, please call us 0300 303 0902

Hope you have found what you were looking for, if not, please call us on 0300 303 0902.